Sir Charles Price 1st Bart., of Jamaica

1708 - 26th Jul 1772


Sir Charles Price, first baronet (1708–1772) was born on 20 August 1708. He was the eldest son of Colonel Charles Price (1677/8–1730), and Sarah (d. after 1730), daughter of Philip Edmunds of Jamaica. The couple had thirteen children. Price's grandfather Francis was an early settler in Jamaica in 1658. The family had developed extensive sugar plantations.

Price was educated in England and matriculated at Trinity College, Oxford, on 21 October 1724. Like many other wealthy young men he went on a grand tour. He returned to Jamaica in January 1730 and within a few years he married Mary Sharpe. The couple had four sons.

Price was first elected to the Jamaican assembly on 13 March 1732. In 1745 he was elected temporary speaker of the assembly and the following year he became speaker. In 1763 Price gave up his seat in the assembly and his son, also Charles, became speaker. In 1768 he was appointed to the council by Governor William Trelawny and later that year he became a baronet. He also served as custos of St Catherine's, judge of the supreme court, and a major-general in the militia.

Charles Price was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 1534 acres of land in St Catherine, 950 acres in St Mary, 1700 acres in St Ann, 700 acres in St Dorothy, 2869 acres in St John and 5898 acres in St Thomas-in-the-Vale, total 13651 acres.

Charles Price, 1st Bart. and his son Charles, 2nd Bart., contributed £100 to the University of Pennsylvania following Dr John Morgan's fundraising tour of the West Indies in 1772-1773.

He died at The Decoy on 26 July 1772.


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Further Information

Mary Sharpe
Four sons including Rose and Charles.

Sir Charles Price's will was enrolled on 20 August 1772. It decreed that the lands at Cocoree and Riverhead were indissolubly part of Worthy Park. He renounced any interest he or his direct heirs had in the half share of the estate held by John Price of Penzance. He also declared that on the death of his son, the second Sir Charles Price, without issue, his half share of Worthy Park would revert back to John Price of Penzance.

Trinity College, Oxford [1724 ]
Plantation owner
Oxford DNB Entry

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1744 [EA] - 26/07/1772 [ED] → Owner
1750 [SY] - 1772 [EY] → Joint owner

Following the death of his brother Thomas Rose, Charles inherited a share of Worthy Park.

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