Benjamin Newman Harding

1782 - 21st Sep 1859


Son of Richard Newman Harding Newman (d. 1808) and Harriet nee Shultz. Inherited a 1/3 share in Blue Hole estate in Hanover, Jamaica, from his aunt Eliza Mary Tharp (d. 1831). Baptised in Westminster, 1782. The will of Benjamin Harding formerly of Great Clacton in the County of Essex and late of Cheltenham in the County of Gloucester Esquire formerly a Lieutenant-Colonel in Her Majesty's Army deceased who died 20 September 1859 at Ryde in the Isle of Wight in the County of Southampton was proved by the oath of William Wepean of 81 South Audley Street, Middlesex, a Major-General in Her Majesty's Army the surviving Executor, effects under £3000..


See entry for Eliza Mary Tharp. batch no. C13540-2. National Probate Calendar 1859.

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21/10/1831 [SD] - → Joint owner

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Addresses (3)

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Wessex, England
Great Clacton, Essex, South-east England, England