Samuel Hinds 'of London'

4th Oct 1789 - 6th Nov 1826


  1. Will of Samuel Hinds of [Barbados now in] London [made in 1826 and attested in Barbados in 1826] proved in London 20/10/1827. Under the will he left his half share in Maynards to his brother and sole executor William Prescod Hinds (q.v.), identified Philip Lytcott Hinds as his second brother, his mother as Eleanor Hinds and sisters as Mary, Ellen, Ann Richards (late Hinds) and Susan.

  2. 1st son of Samuel Hinds, M.D., of the Council of Barbados. After education at Charterhouse, Pembroke College Cambridge and the Inner Temple, Hinds became Attorney General of Barbados, 1824-26. He died at sea 6 November 1826.


  1. PROB 11/1731/335.

    Combining Brandow Genealogies p. 613, the evidence of wills for Samuel Hinds of London (proved 1827) and Samuel M. Hinds of Bath (proved 1847) and the Slave Register entries, we have identified four Samuel Hinds: (1) Samuel Hinds the Elder of St Peter (d. c. 1808); (2) his son Hon. Samuel Hinds MD (d. c. 1824), brother of William Hinds, Benjamin and Abel Hinds, and father of (3) Samuel Hinds 'of London' (d. c. 1826), brother of Philip Lytcott Hinds and William Prescod Hinds; and (4) Samuel M. Hinds, also given as Samuel Hinds jr, the son of Benjamin Hinds (Brandow suggests son of Abel). The awardee of two small claims and the attorney in 1829 for the Howell family [BA 12175 and BA 12177] Barbados might be a fifth Samuel Hinds or the same man as Samuel M. Hinds.

    We are grateful to Peter Selley for his assistance with compiling this entry.

  2. R. L. Arrowsmith (comp.), Charterhouse Register 1769 -1872 (London & Chichester, Phillimore, 1974). Thanks to Catherine Smith, Charterhouse Archivist, for this reference.

Further Information

Charterhouse [1801-1807 ]
Pembroke College, Cambridge [BA 1812, MA 1815 ]
Legal Education
Inner Temple [Entered 1811 ]

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- 1826 [LA] → Joint owner

It appears that Hon. Samuel Hinds MD died c. 1824, leaving Maynard to two of his sons, William Prescod Hinds and Samuel Hinds, and that Samuel died shortly afterwards c. 1826. In his will he left his half of Maynards to his brother.

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