Jane Athill (née Dunbar)

1731 - 1817


Widow of Dr John Athill of Antigua, mother of Ann[e] Turner and mother-in-law of Samuel Turner of Wimpole Street (q.v.).

  1. Administration of the will of Jane Athill of Beaumont Street granted 16/03/1819 to Ann Turner widow. Under her will she left £800 in trust to her esteemed son-in-law Samuel Turner sen. for the benefit of her grand-daughter Dorothy Athill of Southampton; and £400 to her grand-daughter Jane Turner; her residuary legatee of her personal and real estate in Antigua was her daughter Ann Turner. Samuel Turner was further identified as of Upper Wimpole Street as executor: he 'died in the lifetime of the testatrix.' Thomas Turner of Curzon Street Doctor of Physic and Samuel Turner of Nottingham Place attested the will: this must have been another Samuel Turner, presumably junior.


PROB 11/1614/241.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Dr John Athill d. 1766
Joseph Lyons; Ann[e]; John

Relationships (2)

Mother-in-law → Son-in-law
Grandmother → Grandson

Addresses (1)

Beaumont Street, London, Middlesex, London, England