Samuel Turner of Upper Wimpole Street

1745 - 1815


London merchant, son of Samuel Turner West India merchant and Lord Mayor of London (d. 1777), son-in-law of Jane Athill nee Dunbar (q.v.), husband of Ann[e] Athill and father of inter alios John Hayward Turner, Charles Turner (q.v.), Samuel Turner and Thomas Turner MD. Like his father, he was Governor of the London Assurance Corporation.

  1. Will of Samuel Turner of [Upper Wimpole Street] Marylebone proved 22/03/1815. The will disposes of what appears to be largely mercantile property in London, and makes no mention of West India property or of enslaved people. He left 300 shares the London Assurance Co., £2650 in the London Dock Co. stock, £2000 in 4% bank annuities and £15,000 out of his stock in trade (to be invested in the funds) in trust to pay his wife Ann £500 p.a. and the residue among his ten daughters. He left a further £6000 in trust to pay his wife interest at 5%, and after her death to his sons Charles and Samuel Turner; and he left to his son John Hayward Turner the £3000 he [the testator] had advanced to him to enable him to make up his full capital in the house of business at Liverpool in which he was a partner. He left his son Samuel his 'life membership' of the Royal Institution. His residuary heirs were his four sons Charles, Samuel, John Hayward and Thomas: the latter, he explained, had received more than his fair share in his [Thomas's] marriage settlement.

  2. By an indenture of 1800 between John Frye MD of Antigua but then at No. 82 Gower Street and Samuel Turner (surviving co-partner in trade of Samuel Turner the elder, his father), Samuel Turner took possession of the estate and enslaved people of the late Francis Frye in St Mary's parish in Antigua. As noted above, the estate did not appear in Samuel Turner's will.


London Gazette 15864 19 November 1805 p. 1452.

  1. PROB 11/1566/346.

  2. Close Roll 40 Geo III Part 3 No. 1 (08/05/1800), summarised by Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol. I pp. 281-282.

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Ann[e] Athill
John Hayward; Thomas; Samuel; Charles

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London Assurance
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London Gazette 15864 19 November 1805 p....

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Upper Wimpole Street, London, Middlesex, London, England