Michael Nihell of Barbados

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Of Barbados, but owner of two cotton plantations in Demerara, John and Haslenton, as well as a sugar works called Mount Edge in Barbados.

  1. Administration of the will of Michael Nihell of St Thomas Island of Barbados (made in 1796) granted 14/03/1801. In the will he said that he was 'seized in fee simple of and in two plantations in the colony of Demerary, one of them called the John the other Haslington [sic]', as well as a sugar works called Mount Edge in St Thomas Barbados. He lelt the John estate and the enslaved people upon it to his son John Nihell 'with the issue offspring and increase of the female slaves hereafter to be born.' He left an annuity of £500 p.a. secured on Haslington and Mount Edge to his wife Martha, and entitled her to leave £800 at her own discretion. He left the capital sum of £8333 (that he calculated at 6% would provide this annuity of £500 p.a.) after his wife's death to his daughters Susannah Elizabeth (to whom he separately left £300 currency), Margaret Downes Nihell and Mary Nihell, whom he also made his residuary heirs. The probate grant showed that Margaret Downes Nihell had subsequently married John William Bovell (q.v) Doctor of Physic, and that she and Mary were the surviving residuary legatees.

  2. Michael Nihell was granted the double-depth Lot No. 25 on the West Sea Coast of Demerara in 1794.


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West Indian?
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- 1801 [LA] → Owner

This is a tentative association only of the Mount Edge estate of the 1817 Slave Register with the estate of the same name left by Michael Nihell in his will made in 1796 for which administration was granted in 1801.

1796 [EA] - 1801 [LA] → Owner

In his will, made in 1796 and proved in 1801, Michael Nihell said he was seized in fee simple of and in Haslington [sic] in Demerara (as well as the John in Demerara and Mount Edge in Barbados).

1796 [EA] - 1801 [LA] → Owner

Shown in his will (made in 1796 and proved in 1801) to be owner in fee of the John and Haslenton (q.v.) estates in Demerara.

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Deceased Husband → Widow
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