Daniel Virtue

???? - 16th Nov 1823


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica. Son of a tenant farmer in Choicelee, Berwickshire. Died at Roxburgh Castle, Jamaica, 16/11/1823, leaving £25,000 in monetary legacies and his residuary estate to his nephew Adam Hogg (q.v.). £10,000 of the legacies were lent out in Scotland.

Father of three children with his housekeeper Elenor Young. See separate entry for Elenor Young for more information on these children.


Newcastle Courant 14/02/1824.

The Law Chronicle; or Journal of Jurisprudence and Legislation. Cases decided in the House of Lords, from February 23, to October 18, 1831 Vol IV (Edinburgh 1832) pp. 69-71.

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Further Information

[With Elenor Young] Berthia Virtue (1813-1888), George Blair Virtue (1817-1861), Eleanor (1821-); [with unknown mother] John Virtue

Notes on the will taken from http://www.jamaicanfamilysearch.com/Members/R4us-vi.htm.

Will of Daniel Virtue, planter of Manchester

  1. To my three reputed children Berthia Virtue, George Blair Virtue, and Eleanor Virtue, the children of Eleanor Young my present housekeeper, £5000 sterling each, to be paid when they reach the age of 23 years, with interest from the date of my death, less what was found necessary for their education and clothing.

  2. To Miss Eleanor Young their mother £2000 sterling. Her children Eliza Westbrook and Robert Westbrook are to be educated at my expense. Robert is to be put in a trade in 1827.

  3. To my nieces Elizabeth Hogg and Margaret Hogg, Scotland, £2000 sterling each.

  4. To my nephew Daniel Hogg, Jamaica, £2000.

  5. To my son, John Virtue, now at sea, £2000 sterling in England, to be lent there on landed security until he attain 30 years say in 1832.

  6. To my nephew Adam Hogg, Jamaica, the rest residue and remainder of my estate.

Dated February 14, 1823

Witnesses to will sworn 12/3/1823

Inventory in probate 11/7/1836


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1823 [EA] - → Executor
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Firm Investment
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After his death in 1823, trustees of Daniel Virtue appear to have lent £600 to Charles Wilson manufacturer of...

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