Sir John Wedderburn

1st May 1789 - 2nd Jul 1862


Second son of John Wedderburn of Balindean (q.v.) from his second marriage to Alicia Dundas, and heir to his half brother Sir David Wedderburn (q.v.), from whom he inherited the title 2nd Bart. of Balindean and the family estate. He entered the East India Company in 1807 and was posted to Bombay Presidency. He rose to the position of Accountant-General and military, commercial and revenue account, before retiring in 1837.

He married Henrietta Louisa Milburn (daughter of William Milburn of the EIC) in Bombay in 1822. They had four sons and five daughters. 2 sons also entered the EIC.


Alexander Wedderburn, The Wedderburn Book: a history of the Wedderburns in the counties of Berwick and Forfar, designed of Wedderburn, Kingennie, Easter Powrie, Blackness, Balindean and Gosford, 1296-1896 (Published privately, 1898), pp. 299-300.

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Henrietta Louisa Milburn
Civil Servant (East India Company)

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