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Edward Atherton was born 21/08/1768 and baptised 23/09/1768 in St John, Preston, Lancashire, son of Richard Atherton and his wife Mary. Richard Atherton was a woollen draper in Preston and one of the founders of the Preston Old Bank. Edward's uncle William (d. 1803) owned Green Park and Spring Vale Pen in Jamaica which he bequeathed to his brother John. John in turn bequeathed to Edward half of the Jamaican estates and £35,000 in trust to buy property.

Edward's father Richard had expected to inherit the Jamaican property on the death of John but in fact he predeceased him. Edward's sisters Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary and Lucy were also given generous legacies, securred on the property.

Edward Atherton of Marylebone married Elizabeth Wood Smith, a widow of Dover, Kent, in Marylebone, 19/12/1818. His will was proved in 1821. An Edward Atherton was buried in St James, Kent, 28/08/1820. It's not known whether they had any children to inherit the property. According to an unsourced website, William Peatt Litt became a partner in Spring Vale estate in 1825 and the estate remained in the hands of the Atherton family until the 1910s.

Elizabeth Wood Atherton remarried, to Harrison Arrowsmith of Camberwell in St Luke, Chelsea, 13/03/1821. The causes of Atherton v. Park and Arrowsmith v Ingram presumably refer to the estate of Edward Atherton.


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PROB 11/1638/348 - precis.

Edward Atherton late of Liverpool and of Upper Berkeley Street but now of Portman Square, Middlesex Esquire.

Shortly intend to marry Elizabeth Wood Smith, widow. Should this take place I bequeath to my wife £500 to be paid within one month of my decease, all my household furniture, place, chinen, linen, liquor etc, marriages, horses and books and an annuity of £500 per annum for her life. Should my wife's mother Jane Wallace shall survive her then an annuity of £300 per annum for life to her.

To my friends William Peatt Litt Esquire all my pictures and drawings and to his partner Mr Richard Steele £200.

All my real estate in Great Britain and Jamaica to William Peatt Litt and Richard Steele for 500 years in trust. Out of the rents, profits or by mortgage or sale of my estate shall pay my debts and funeral expenses and the legacies and annuities hereintobefore bequeathed. All remainder to my child or children by my indended wife share and share alike as tenants in common. Should I die without issue then to James Park, the eldest son of Sir James Allan Park Knight one of the Judges of His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas and the heirs of his body lawfully issuing. In default to Alexander Park the second son of Sir James Allan Park and his heirs. In default to William Park, third son of Sir James Allan Park.

During the lifetime of William Peatt Litt the crops and produce of my real estate in Jamaica shall be consigned to him for sale.

Signed 18/12/1818.

Codicil dated 18/12/1818. To each of my sisters Mary Atherton, Elizabeth Atherton and Catherine Atherton £2,000 each. To my servant Richard Ingram an annuity of £100 and in case his wife Margaret shall survive him then an annuity of £40 to her. To my late housekeeper Ann Smith an annuity of £30.

Sworn 22/01/1821.

Proved in London 26/01/1821 by William Peatt Litt and Richard Steele.

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