Agness Skeete (née Bishop)

1750 - 26th Sep 1816


Agnes or Agness Bishop was the daughter of Henry Bishop (c.1720-c.1780) and Elizabeth [surname unknown] who had married c.1740. Henry's last will was dated 27 March 1777. Born in Speightstown, he died in St Peter, Barbados.

The Bishop and Skeete families became closely allied: through Agnes's marriage to John Brathwaite Skeete c.1774 and through her brother William's marriages:

William (1751-21 August 1801), who became President of the Legislative Council of Barbados, married (1) Rebecca Skeete (marriage date c.1770) and (2) Elizabeth Hothersall Skeete (18 January 1794 at St. John, Barbados). William Bishop, who was educated at Eton College, England, died on 21 August 1801 in London. The children of the two marriages included, with Rebecca Skeete: Henry Bishop (11 December 1774- ; became Chief Justice of Barbados); John Brathwaite Bishop (23 December 1775- ); Elizabeth Bishop (31 October 1777-25 March 1848); William Titus Bishop (1782-28 January 1849). With Elizabeth Hothersall Skeete: Alfred Hothersall Bishop (20 August 1796- ); Elfreda Pinder Bishop (20 August 1796- ).

Agnes's other siblings were Elizabeth Bishop (c.1745- ) and John Bishop (c.1750-c.1794).

Agnes died in 1816 and was buried in the All Saints Chapel Burial Ground, Saint Peter, Barbados.


Agness Skeete grave; Family of Henry Bishop; Family of William Bishop.

Further Information

Maiden Name
John Brathwaite Skeete
John Brathwaite (1776-1833), Elizabeth Brathwaite (1778-1792); Agnes (1781- ); Francis (1786- )

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