William Bishop

1751 - 1801


In a Levy Book list for an unidentified parish [probably St Andrew], Barbados, 1804, Bishop (deceased) was listed as owning 86 enslaved. He was also listed as owning 1 windmill. This was probably the William Bishop, former President of the Council in Barbados who died in the City of London in 1801 and had a monument erected in St Peter's Church Barbados by his son Hon. Henry Bishop. William (1751-21 August 1801) was educated at Eton College, England; and married (1) Rebecca Skeete (marriage date c.1770) and (2) Elizabeth Hothersall Skeete (18 January 1794 at St. John, Barbados). The children of the two marriages included, with Rebecca Skeete: Henry Bishop (11 December 1774- ; became Chief Justice [sic: in fact Chief Judge of the precinct of St Michael] of Barbados); John Brathwaite Bishop (23 December 1775- ); Elizabeth Bishop (31 October 1777-25 March 1848); William Titus Bishop (1782-28 January 1849). With Elizabeth Hothersall Skeete: Alfred Hothersall Bishop (20 August 1796- ); Elfreda Pinder Bishop (20 August 1796- ).


Levy Book for unidentified parish [probably St Andrew], 1804. Barbados Department of Archives, RB9/3/7;

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