Francis Blower Gibbes senior

1727 - 1783


Owner of Millenium Hall estate in St James, Jamaica. Married Amelia Irving, daughter of James Irving the elder, 10/03/1772. Apparently "she ran away with him and her father was greatly incensed, showing great violence on the occasion, and never forgave her... Her father was very angry and pursued them with pistols, it was said to Millenium Hall, the bride and bridegroom escaping at the back of the house." Amelia nee Irving died in London, 17/05/1809. Also unsourced, Frances Blower Gibbes was 45 years of age at the time of his marriage, so would have been born c. 1727. Died "at sea on a voyage to America for his health" after 11 1/2 years of marriage.


Sir Aemilius Irving (ed.), James Irving of Ironshore and his descendants 1713-1918, ed. L. Homfray Irving (Toronto, Canada, College Press Limited, 1918) pp. 10-13.

Further Information

Aemelia Irving
Francis (1773-d. young), James Irving (1775-1795), Frances Amelia (1779-), Elizabeth Motte (1780-), Francis Blower (1782-1844)

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- 1783 [EY] → Owner
1784 [EA] - 1794 [LA] → Previous owner

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Grandson → Grandfather
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An inferred relationship. Francis Blower of Barbados named a son-in-law John Gibbes in his will made in...
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Deceased Husband → Widow
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Father → Son
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