Mrs Sarah Angell

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  1. Probably Sarah Torrington Angell, a "free quadroon" who had at least three children with Benjamin Angell (q.v.) who were baptised in St Elizabeth 21/10/1790 alongside Sarah Torrington Angell aged 28: Mary Angell aged 6, Catherine Angell aged 2 1/2 and Sarah Angell aged 1.

  2. By notice dated 22/05/1811 she advertised for sale “for immediate payment 6 able field negroes and a child” on the property of Providence, St Elizabeth.

  3. Listed as having failed to provide the giving-in due on 28/09/1814, and to submit an account of clothing provided to enslaved people during 1815.

  4. Owner of 5 slaves and 40 stock in St.Elizabeth in 1820 and 3 slaves and 40 stock there in 1821.

  5. Robert Angell, a "mulatto" man, was by order of the Collecting Constable to be sold by public auction at Mandeville in 1827, “levied on for arrears of taxes due by Sarah Angell”.


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