Benjamin Angell the elder

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Deceased at some point between 1823 and 1826.

  1. Executor of his brother John Angell in 1794.

  2. Lieutenant, St.Elizabeth Regiment, 1796.

  3. Reputed father, by Sarah Torrington Angell (described as a free quadroon, aged 28, when baptised at St.Elizabeth 21/10/1790), of

    . Mary Angell: bapt. 21/10/1790, aged 6 years

    . Catherine Angell: bapt. 21/10/1790, aged 2.5 years (one of this name, of St.Elizabeth, was intending to leave Jamaica on 23/05/1815)

    . Sarah Angell: bapt. 21/10/1790, aged 1 year

    . Benjamin Angell: born 13/11/1792; bapt. 24/10/1796 (qv)

  4. Reputed father, by Nancy, “a negro belonging to Mr John Angell”, of Robert Angell, bapt. 21/10/1790, aged 10. Immediately following the baptismal record have been entered the words “The boy free”, but in 1827 there was advertised for public sale at Mandeville “a mulatto man Robert Angell, carpenter, levied on for arrears of taxes due by Sarah Angell”.

  5. Owner of Adam’s Valley, Providence Pen, Content Pen and Eamsbury or Almondsbury Pen which, together with “all the negroes and other slaves” belonging to Benjamin Angell deceased, were in 1826 ordered to be sold to satisfy a Chancery award of 1824 in favour of one Webb, the proceedings to enforce the award being taken against “Sarah Torrington Angel, Sarah Angell, Benjamin Angell and George Angell and other persons claiming under Benjamin Angell deceased”.


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