Ruth Roberts (née Angell)

13th Oct 1792 - 30th Dec 1864


Ann and Ruth Angell jointly owned enslaved people in St Elizabeth, previously the property of Ann Anderson (whose executrix was Mary Wint).

Ann Angell, aged 1, reputed daughter of Mr John Angell by Mary Wint "a free quadroon", baptised in St Elizabeth 21/10/1790. Ruth Angell (born 13/10/1792) and John Angell (born 14/09/1791), reputed children of Mr John Angell deceased by Mary Wint, baptised in St Elizabeth 24/10/1796. John Angell died in 1793 or 1794 and bequeathed £1000 sterling to his children by Mary Wint (Ann, John and Ruth) and willed that they should receive Bray's River after the death of Mary Wint.

George Roberts of the parish of Manchester, Gent, and Ruth Angell of St Elizabeth, spinster, a person of colour, were married by licence in Manchester 27/1/1830. She was his second wife. Emma Victoria, Mary Ann, Elizabeth Hester, Ruth Francis and John Angell Roberts, all children of George Roberts and his wife Ruth, baptised at Lookout, Manchester, 16/12/1840.

According to the will of John Racker Webb (who also had children with Mary Wint), "...and whereas Ann Angell and Ruth Angell Daughters of the aforesaid Mary Wint are at present considerably Indebted to me for sundry advances made by me as their Guardian and attorney for them and their account Now in case the monies now due to me from them or either of them as aforesaid shall remain unpaid at the time of my decease I hereby release exonerate and discharge them and each of them of and from the same or whatever monies shall be so remaining due..."

Ruth Roberts died 30/12/1864 at Ivy Cottage, Manchester, Jamaica. She was buried the same day in St Paul's Church cemetery.

Sources, Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

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Will of John Angell,

Will of John Racker Webb,

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Further Information

Maiden Name
George Roberts
Emma Victoria, Mary Ann, Elizabeth Hester, Ruth Francis, John Angell

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