Samuel Virgin

???? - 1815


Owner of Hope estate in Clarendon and Bull Dead in Clarendon, Jamaica (after 1814 in Manchester, Jamaica). Of Weymouth Street in London from at least 1803 until his death in 1815. He left his Hope estate and the enslaved people on it to his wife Sarah for life [revoked in a codicil] and then to his daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Murray.

Sources, London, England, Land Tax Records, 1692-1932 [database online];, UK, City and County Directories, 1766-1946 [database online]., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

Further Information

Elizabeth (1789-)

PROB 11/1566/347 - precis.

Samuel Virgin late of the island of Jamaica but now of Weymouth Street, Middlesex.

To my wife Sarah Virgin £200.

To my son-in-law William Murray Esquire £200.

To my friends James Chisholme of Portland Place, Robert Hibbert the younger of Mincing Lane, Joseph Timperon of Upper Harley Street and John West of Lower Cheris[?] Street, London, my estate called Hope Plantation in Clarendon and all my property in Jamaica or elsewhere in trust during the life of my wife for her to enjoy the rents and profits. After her decease the same to my dear daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Murray for her sole and separate use. After the death of my daughter, the same to her second son and his heirs male; in default to the third, fourth, fifth son etc. In the event of no heirs male, the property to be sold for the use my her daughters.

To my wife Sarah all my linen, china, household goods, furniture, carriage and horss for her absolute use.

To the same trustees all my monies, stocks and securities, my leasehold house in Weymouth Street and all other personal estate in trust for the following purposes. Firstly, to pay all my debts, legacies and funeral expenses. Then to invest the residuary personal estate in government funds or stock or securities or upon freehold property in England. My wife to have the use of my house in Weymouth Street for her life and all the profits of my personal estate. After he decease the same to my daughter Elizabeth Murray. Thereafter in trust for all and every of the children of Elizabeth Murray lawfully begotten share and share alike at age 25 years. In default to the children of my late brother Thomas Virgin. The son of my daughter who inherits the interest in my Jamaican property shall not be entitiled to a share in my personal estate.

Signed 10/05/1809.

Codicil dated 20/02/1815. Bequest to leave the profits and rent of my Jamaican estate to my wife revoked "as my said wife is thereby otherwise amply provided for". Instead this to go in trust for the benefit of my daughter and her children. Previously the estate was to be sold if my daughter had no heirs male, "and whereas there may be some difficulty in disposing thereof in the way directed in my will without great loss", until such a profitable sale can be achieved my trustees are to manage the property. When the opportunity offers out of the profits of my estate the trustees should purchase land adjoining or near to the same for Negro ground or which it may be desirable to do for the improvement of my estate. My wife and son-in-law to be receivers and to take upon themselves the management of the said Jamaican property during the lifetime of my daughter.

Sworn in London 06/03/1815. Proved in London 22/03/1815.

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3 Weymouth Street, London, Middlesex, London, England