Sarah Willett Wollaston (née Ottley)

???? - 1851


Daughter of William Ottley of St Kitts and Cambridge, and wife of Rev. Charles Hyde Wollaston (q.v.), to whom she transmitted slave-property.

  1. The will of Sarah Willett Wollaston widow late of East Dereham but now of Bryanston Street was proved 22/03/1851. In the will she left 4 groups of stocks totalling £68,000 to her grandchildren, one moiety subject to a life interest of her cousin Clemencie Gurford. She left the residue of her personal estate and her land at East Dereham to her son the Rev. William Charles Wollaston.


  1. PROB 11/2130/38.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Charles Hyde Wollaston
William Charles;

Relationships (2)

Daughter → Father
Wife → Husband