Stephen Blizard

1704 - 1777


Resident planter, although attended university in England. His son Jeremiah Blizard predeceased him, and Stephen Blizard left his estate to be divided into fifths among his five surviving daughters as life-interests with remainders to their heirs. The five daughters were Elizabeth Byam (formerly Elizabeth Warner); Louisa Weatherill; Ann Lessly; Rebecca Byam; and Sarah Blizard, who died at Welbeck Street c.1796. By the time of compensation, the life-interest had passed to Jane Kerby, daughter of Rebecca and Edward Byam and also the residual heir of her aunt Sarah Blizard, and to Jane Kerby's cousin Jane Young nee Blizard, daughter of Jeremiah Blizard.

  1. Stephen Blizard with William Mackinen corresponded with Abraham Redwood in 1755 about purchases of enslaved Africans they had made on behalf of Redwood, including one group from Blizard and Banister.


  1. Elizabeth Donnan, Documents Illustrative of the Slave Trade Vol. II pp. 511-512.

Further Information

Jane Kerby
Jeremiah; Elizabeth; Louisa; Ann; Rebecca; Sarah
Oxford (Wadham) [1720 ]

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1773 [SY] - 1777 [EY] → Mortgage Holder
- 1777 [EY] → Owner

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Also probably business partners in Banister and Blizard, slave-factors at Antigua....
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