John Thomas Belgrave

1770 - 1809


Son of Jacob Belgrave senior and his first wife Elizabeth Ann Spike.

  1. John Thomas Belgrave married Elizabeth Phillips 29/01/1801 in St Michael, Barbados. The parish register gives them both as FM ("free mulatto"). They had two children: Julia (baptised 1805) and Thomas Joseph (born and baptised 1810). Julia married John Edward Cumberbatch in 1823.

  2. John Thomas Belgrave, free coloured man, buried 28/06/1810 in St Philip, Barbados, age 40.


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Relationships (8)

Father-in-law → Son-in-law
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It is possible that the Jacob Belgrave who was brother of John Thomas Belgrave was the Jacob Belgrave who was owner of an estate in St Michael, 1829-34 and an awardee on the claim, Barbados...
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Cumberbatch's natural son married Belgrave's...