John De Ponthieu

2nd Aug 1732 - 1773


Third son of Josias de Ponthieu and his wife Anne Beaufils. Baptised at the St Martin Orgars French Huguenot Church in London. Uncle of the MP and naturalist John De Ponthieu (1765-1813). Married Mary Sykes in Hull in 1759. He appears to have set up a trust to administer his Grenadan estates after his death - one of the trustees was John Julius Angerstein (1732-1823).

Sources batch nos. C04913-1 and M10752-3. Will of John De Ponthieu of Grenada PROB 11/993/29.

'John De Ponthieu' in History of Parliament Online: [accessed 12/09/2016].

'John Julius Angerstein: deeds and correspondence concerning the de Ponthieu Trust Estates in Grenada, West Indies', London Metropolitan Archives F/ANG 102-104.

Further Information

Mary Sykes

PROB 11/993/29 - precis.

[Record of will begins with Codicil]


Since my having signed the above affairs of the trust having considerably altered and there being now the greatest appearance of a speedy liquidation without selling any part of my estates except the estates of Lagues and Demaugis[?] I do hereby declare it my last will that the estate of Permonant situated in the Quarter of Saint Georges shall not be comprehended in the effects I have left to Messrs. Payne Angerstein and Wilkinson and I do hereby leave the same with all my personal estate to Henry De Pontieu Esquire, merchant in London, subject to the following annuities to be annually paid namely £200 sterling to my sister Elizabeth Wilkes, wife of Israel Wilkes and conditionally that he shall give up all presensions of revenue on the other estates until a perfect liquidation of principal and interest at the rate of 1 per cent per annum. I hereby likewise declare that the money in my hands belonging to Jane Harronar[?] is £3,000 sterling which may be raised from my cash account and it is my will that she should be paid out of the reserve of the said estates £180 sterling penny rent until payment of her capital the said £3,000 sterling including her Regs. at point and all I owe Joseph Rose £200 sterling which I desire the said Henry De Ponthieu to pay him out of the revenue 1771. Any reason for altering this part of my will is the positive knowledge I have that is, the estates will be sufficient to pay interest and capital in a short time. I do not mention my worthy father, who I know well provided for to his wishes by the trust and his children. Signed 25/12/1769.

Grenada. A true copy from the Registers Office of this Island carefully compared and attested 04/06/1773.

Merchant and plantation owner

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Angerstein was among the trustees of estates owned by John de Ponthieu, apparently arising from the latter's financial problems or those of de Ponthieus's brother-in-law Israel Wilkes, and presumably...