Charles James Sholto Douglas

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Second son of Sir John Douglas bart.. Collector of Customs in Jamaica 1760. Feurtado implies that Charles James Sholto Douglas' son James Sholto Douglas, married his (Charles's) sister-in-law, who was the daughter of James Dawes of Rock Spring, as was Charles' wife Basilia: in other words, father and son married sisters or half-sisters. This is unlikely. James Sholto Douglas's wife must have been the daughter of James Dawes of Rock Spring II.

  1. John Graham, son of James Charles Sholto Douglas, esq, and B..... his wife was born 25/07/1761 and baptised in Hanover, 20/04/1762.

Sources The University of Glasgow try for him shows him as the eldest son of Sir John Douglas and as Collector of Customs from 1762, [accessed 30/12/2016].

  1., Jamaican parish registers, Hanover, Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1739-1825 p. 23.

Further Information

(1) Basilia Dawes (widow Quarrell) (2) Mary Bullock
With (1) James Sholto: Stair; John Graham. With (2) Edward Bullock

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Edward Bullock Douglas was the child of Charles James Sholto Douglas's second...
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