George Mackay Sutherland

1798 - 1847


One of the heirs of his uncle Robert Sutherland, owner of Waterloo estate in St Vincent.

  1. George Mackay Sutherland, son of George Sackville Sutherland and his wife Jean Mackay, was born at Uppat and baptised 15/04/1800. Married Elizabeth Walker at Lightcliffe, Yorkshire, 29/10/1828. Children George Sackville baptised in Lightcliffe in 1831, John Walker baptised at Cromarty in 1834, Evan Charles baptised at Cromarty in 1835 and Ann Walker baptised in Cromarty in 1837. Another daughter, Elizabeth, mentioned in his will but no baptism found for her. The two eldest sons had died by the time Sutherland wrote his will in 1847. Remarried, to Mary Elizabeth Haigh, Q2 1846 in Halifax, Yorkshire.

  2. George M. Sutherland was listed as a subscriber to Charles Shephard's An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent, published in 1832.


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  2. Charles Shephard, An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent (1832) pp. vii-xii.

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Further Information

[1] Elizabeth Walker [2] Mary Elizabeth Haigh
With [1] Elizabeth, George Sackville (1831-), Evan Charles (1835-), Ann Walker (1837-)

SC79/4/5 - precis.

George Mackay Sutherland of Aberarcher in Inverness-shire and now residing at Shibdon Hall in Halifax, Yorkshire, Esquire.

Confirmation of marriage settlement with my present dear wife Mary Elizabeth whereby a competant provision is made for her and the child she has born to me.

All my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever to the use of my wife Mary Elizabeth and John Haigh of Savile Hall in Halifax Esquire, Major Honyman Macqueen Mackay of Coates House in Edinburgh and Robert Parker of Halifax, gentleman upon trust. Out of my personal estate and the rent, issues and profits of my real estate in England and Scotland, and by sale or mortgage of my real estate in England for the payment of just debts, funeral expenses and the sums of money hereinafter bequeathed.

£32,000 sterling which, with the estimated amount of the property appointed to my daughters Elizabeth and Ann Walker by my late wife Elizabeth Sutherland deceased by virtue of the settlement made on her marriage, I consider will make the sum of £40,000. This sum to my dear wife Mary Elizabeth and the said John Haigh, Henry Edwards, Honyman Macqueen Mackay and Robert Parker to lay out and invest the same in Parliamentary stock or public funds or other securities in the names of my wife Mary Elizabeth, Robert Haigh, Henry Edwards, Honyman Macqueen Mackay and Robert Parker in trust to pay one moity of the annual proceeds to my daughter Elizabeth at age 21 or marriage, and the other half to my daughter Ann Walker at age 21 years or marriage.

To my dear Mother during her life an annuity of £150 sterling. On her death the same to be paid to my sisters Elizabeth and Jane in equal shares so long as they remain unmarried.

£500 to my nephew George Sackville Sutherland, son of my brother James Sutherland at age 21. The interest in the meantime to be paid towards his education and maintenance.

My house and premises in Inverness where my mother now resides to my mother for life and thereafter to my sisters Elizabeth and Jane for their joint lives if they continue unmarried.

The residue to my son Evan Charles, his heirs for ever. If he dies before age 21 years without children then the same to the use of my daughter Elizabeth, in default to my daughter Ann Walker.

My wife Mary Elizabeth, John Haigh, Henry Edwards, Major Honyman Macqueen Mackay and Robert Parker to be guardians of my children during their minorities. The same to be executors.

Signed 20/04/1847.

Will given in a York 16/07/1847.

Probate at Edinburgh 09/06/1848 of the late Captain George Mackay Sutherland.

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Udale, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Highlands & Islands, Scotland
Shibden Hall, Southowram, Halifax, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England
Uppat House, Golspie, Sutherland, Highlands & Islands, Scotland