Edward Parson II

???? - 1818


Eldest son and heir of Edward Parson I (q.v.), dead by 1821. Shown as of St Kitts in the Slave Register of 1817, and variously as of Little Parndon Essex and of Constantine Cornwall in the university biographies of his two sons Rev. William Woodley Parson and George Webbe Parson (each of whom q.v.). He was shown as having purchased for £6000 c. 1785 a 70 acre estate at Dieppe Bay (later corrupted to Deep Bay or Deepday) north of Profit: this estate was possibly the same as the Parson's estate on St Kitts.


Hazel Lake, 'Sugar Planters in Little Parndon' (2nd ed. 2007) pp. 30 and 37. His death-date is drawn from a letter from Charles Pinney cited by Lake p. 37.

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Edward Parson II had married Frances...
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Little Parndon, Essex, South-east England, England