Rose Hering May I

???? - 1791


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica. Husband of Mary Trelawney Wigan, the daughter (b. c. 1738) of John Wigan and Mary Douce. Douces estate in Clarendon must have passed to him through his marriage. The couple's children migrated to England, and had a family tomb in the churchyard at Bathampton, Somerset which referred also to a family vault in Bath Abbey.


Monumental Inscriptions in England Relating to Jamaica Volume Ia

Further Information

Mary Trelawny or Trelawney Wigan

Associated Estates (2)

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1775 [EA] - 1780 [LA] → Owner

In 1775 Rose Hering May and his wife Mary Trelawny mortgaged property including shares in Gymballs and Cherry Garden and the enslaved people attached to them to Thomas Pennington and Abraham Biggs of Bristol for £6000, without disclosing that the property had already been mortgaged to William Gray, who later assigned the prior and larger mortgage to Jacob Israel Bernal (q.v.). Litigation was launched by the heirs of Pennington and Biggs, and between May and Bernal, that was settled in 1784.

1775 [EA] - 1790 [LA] → Not known

The estate was registered as the property of Mr May in 1775 and for trustees for Rose Hering May 1787-1790.

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Father → Son
Father → Son
Son → Father