Mary Noble previously Woollery (née Lewis)

???? - 1804


Probably the owner of Strathmore in Westmoreland after the death of her first husband William Woollery, although the Registrations in her name from her first marriage continued after she appears to have remarried.

  1. Will of Mary Noble of Bristol formerly Mary Woollery widow [of Westmoreland Jamaica] [made in 1793] proved 27/07/1804. In the will she left £300 to her present husband John Noble, and £500 to her god-daughter Jane Peters Bourke, fifth daughter of Edmund Fearon Bourke. She freed her 'negro woman' named Susanna, her 'mulatto woman' named Betty and her 'negro man' Sam. She instructed Charles Payne and James Tobin (each of whom q.v.), her trustees, to lay out any residual funds into the purchase of 'negroes in the island of Jamaica' for the benefit of her residuary legatee, her niece Ann Katherine Hodges, the wife of Robert Hodges of Westmoreland.


  1. PROB 11/1411//307

Further Information

Maiden Name
(1) William Woollery (2) John Noble

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1792 [EA] - 1800 [LA] → Tenant-for-life

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Other relatives
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Robert Franklin Hodges was probably the Robert Hodges of Westmoreland show in the will of Mary Noble as the husband of he niece and heiress Ann Katherine Hodges. Robert Franklin Hodges had married...
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Testator → Trustee
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Edward Woollery was the brother of Mary Noble's first husband William Woollery (d. 1789)....

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England