Alexander Campbell of Hay Lodge

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Alexander Campbell of Hay Lodge, a partner in John Campbell senior and father of 'Black Mungo' Campbell. Son of Mungo Campbell of Hundleshope and known as 'Marran' from his estate in Grenada.

  1. Very probably the man identified as Alexander Campbell junior of Grenada in 1802: "'Upper Mont Rose Estate' in St Patricks Grenada to be peremptorily sold, together with a cotton plantation called Herbert's Point or Lower Mont Rose, at Garraways 01/12/1802: particulars from John Campbell Sen. Glasgow, Messrs Smith and Sons solicitors Basing Hall St and Alexander Campbell junior, Grenada."


Stephen Mullen gives a death-date of 1835, Mullen, Stephen Scott (2015) The ‘Glasgow West India interest: integration, collaboration and exploitation in the British Atlantic World, 1776-1846.' PhD thesis, Glasgow 2015 p. 57.

  1. London Gazette 15483 25 May 1802 p. 546

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Reportedly known as 'Marran' after his estate on Grenada. To date his ownership has not been directly traced by LBS.

Legacies Summary

Commercial (2)

Alex. & James Campbell
West India merchant  
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This is tentative. The partner might have been a different Alex....
John Campbell sen.
West India merchant  
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Partner until c....

Relationships (2)

Father → Son
Son → Father

Addresses (1)

Hay Lodge, Peebleshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland