Mungo Campbell of Hundleshope

???? - 1793


Shown in secondary sources as 'of Grenada'. Husband of Elizabeth Nutter and father of Robert Nutter Campbell (q.v.) and Alexander Campbell of Haylodge (q.v.). Brother of John Campbell senior (q.v.).

  1. 'Although not a partner in the firm [of Jon Campbell sen. & Co.], another brother, Mungo Campbell of Hundleshope and Kailzie (d. 1793), owned a sugar estate, Marran, in the parish of St John. His son Alexander Campbell of Haylodge, who later become a partner in the firm, inherited the plantation on his death and took the nickname ‘Marran’.

  2. Peebleshire’s Entry #37: Mungo Campbell of Hundleshope. A West India Merchant. Rich and retired. A son in the Army. One in the West Indies. A daughter married to General Campbell of Strachur. A brother a Merchant in Glasgow. Another once Captain of a Custom-house Cutter at Greenock, who has a daughter married to Donald M'Lachlan. Advocate, of Argyllshire, who wants a Sheriffship and whom the family will perhaps wish to serve.

We are grateful to Steven Carter for his assistance in compiling this entry.


Secondary sources e.g. [accessed 08/07/2018].

  1. Stephen Mullen, 'The Glasgow West India interest: integration, collaboration and exploitation in the British Atlantic World, 1776-1846. (University of Glasgow, PhD thesis 2015) p. 57.

  2. Sir Charles Elphinstone Adam (Ed.), View of the Political State of Scotland [in 1788]: A Confidential Report, Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1888, p. 255.

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Elizabeth Nutter
Robert Nutter Campbell

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- 1793 [EY] → Owner

Shown as the owner of Marran on Grenada by Stephen Mullen

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Father → Son
Father → Son

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Hundleshope, Peebleshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland