Christopher Codrington II

1668 - 1710


  1. Son and heir of Christopher Codrington I (1639/40-1698) and famously the benefactor of All Souls, where the Codrington Library stands as a monument to his legacies to the College of £10,000 - £6000 for the building of the Library, and £4000 to stock it - and of his own books.

  2. At a meeting of its Governing Body in November 2020, All Souls College decided to cease to refer to the College Library as the Codrington Library "although that name was never formally adopted by the Statutes of the College." A post on the All Souls website reads that the College "erected a large memorial plaque at the entrance to the Library ‘In memory of those who worked in slavery on the Codrington plantations in the West Indies’" and also "decided that the statue of Codrington which stands at the centre of the Library will remain there."

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  2. All Souls College website [Accessed 16 November 2023].

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Oxford (Christchurch); Oxford (All Souls) [1685; 1690 ]
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Library - books
Codrington left £10,000 to All Souls, including £6000 to build the library and £4000 to stock it; he also left it his own collection of books. In November 2020, All Souls College publicly... 

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Sir William Codrington was the son of Christopher Codrington II's cousin and co-heir Sir William Codrington 1st bart....