Samuel Tyssen the elder

1698 - 1749


  1. Younger son of Francis Tyssen the younger and his second wife Mary nee Western. Inherited Bridges plantation in Antigua and property in Huntingdonshire under the will of his father (d. 1710).

  2. Baptised in St John, Hackney, 27/06/1748/9 and buried there 04/01/1748/9. Married Sarah Littel in Hackney in 1730. Seven children baptised in St John, Hackney: Sarah (1731), William (1732), Mildred (1733 - not mentioned in her father's will so presumably dead by 1743), Samuel (1735), Francis (1736), Charles (1738) and Anna Maria (1740).

  3. Bequeathed Bridges in trust for his second son Samuel, suggesting his eldest son William was due to inherit property in some other family trust or perhaps under the terms of his marriage settlement. In her will proved in 1777, his widow Sarah mentions that her son William "will come to several estates at my death".


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Further Information

Sarah Littel
William, Samuel, Charles, Sarah, Anna Maria

PROB 11/767/203 - precis.

Samuel Tyssen of Hackney, Middlesex, Esquire.

To be buried in a decent and private manner by daylight as near the remains of my relations as may be in the parish church of St John at Hackney.

To Edward Woollett of Bartletts Buildings, London, Gentleman, and Nathaniel Cole of Hasinghall Street, London, Gentleman, all my estate or plantation in the island of Antigua commonly known as Bridges plantation together with the Negroes, stock, utensils and other things thereunto belonging, and all my real and personal estate in Antigua, and my messuage or tenement in or near Thames Street in the parish of All Hallows in the City of London as the same now is in the tenure of Richard Withon peruke maker, together with all arrears of rent which at my decease shall be due for my plantation and my premises in Thames Street, upon trust for the natural life of my wife Sarah Tyssen. The rents and profits to be paid to my three sons William, Samuel and Charles equally for their better provision, support and maintenance.

After the decease of my dear wife, my estate at Antigua and my house in Thames Street to my nephew John Tyssen of Welles Street in Hackney Esquire and my nephew John Cooke for 200 years upon trust. By mortgage or sale, the trustees to raise £1,000 for my son Charles Tyssen as a further provision for him over and above such fortune as he is entitled to by virtue of my marriage settlement; he to receive this at age 21 years.

My estate at Antigua and my house in Thames Street in trust to the use of my son Samuel Tyssen for his natural life, then to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten. In default to my son Charles Tyssen and the heirs of his body; in default to my son William and his lawful issue; in default to my daughters Sarah and Anna Maria Tyssen equally and their heirs and assigns forever.

To John Tyssen and John Cook £700 upon trust to invest in the purchase of South Sea Annuities or some other public or government funds, to apply the dividends and interest from time to time amongst my sons William, Samuel and Charles Tyssen equally for their education and maintenance during the life of my said wife.

To my wife, all my household goods, plate, linen, furniture, jewels, coach and chariots, horses and harnesses. Also to her, all arrears of rent owing except those due on my house in Thames Street and plantation in Antigua. Also to her, all arrears of dividends in my name.

To my son William my largest and best diamond ring together with my gold watch and gold seal and my two wainscot bookcases with the books therein, and my writing desk.

My small silver watch and my other diamond ring to my son Samuel.

My large silver watch and one third part of the diamonds contained in my diamond crotchet to my son Charles. The remaining two third parts of the diamonds in the crotchet to my daughters Sarah and Anna Maria equally.

To my two daughters, all those pieces of gold and silver coin in my iron chest. To Sarah, all the jewels I have lent her to wear in my lifetime. To Anna Maria, my box of Dutch toys in silver known among my children by the name of Jark[?] the Miller.

20 shillings for a ring to the following people: aunt Mrs Frances Featherstone; sister Martha Cooke; brother and sister Longesson[?]; brother and sister Hollant; sister Rachael Tyssen; nephew Francis John Tyssen; neice Mary Wright; nephew and neice Tyssen of Wellstreet; neice Mary Tyssen; nephew John Cooke; nephew William Western in Longesson; nephew Rogers Holland; nephew and neice Woodllett; good friend Mr Nathaniel Cole of Basinghall Street.

My wife to be guardian of my children and sole executrix.

Signed 12/08/1743.

Proved at London 17/01/1748 by Sarah Tyssen.

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