Samuel Tyssen the younger

1735 - ????


  1. Second son of Samuel Tyssen the elder, from whom he was due to inherit Bridges estate in Antigua in trust, on the death of his mother Sarah (she died in 1777). It's not clear whether or not the estate was still in the possession of the family trust by this point. The will of Sarah Tyssen makes no mention of Antiguan property but does mention that her son William "will come to several estates at my death." The will of Samuel Tyssen the younger's brother William Tyssen (proved 1778) includes his estate in Antigua which he bequeathed to his only child Sarah Tyssen (later wife of Sir John Tyrell).


  1. PROB 11/767/203; PROB 11/1043/114; PROB 11/1161/154.

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Married but no further details

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1749 [SY] - → Trust beneficiary

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Hackney, London, Middlesex, London, England