George Gibbs senior of Bristol

1753 - 1818


Bristol West India merchant, brother of Antony Gibbs and father of George Gibbs (q.v.). To date no evidence of direct slave-ownership has been found for him; it is possible that some of the mortgages under which his son George Gibbs claimed in Barbados which dated back to the late 18th century were originally his.

  1. Will of George Gibbs merchant to Bristol proved 14/10/1818. He left his house in Redland to his wife Ann for life, and £10,000 (raised in a codicil to £12,000) in trust at 5% (to be available for use by George Gibbs his son) to pay the interest to Ann Gibbs for life, with the principal to be invested in consols if George Gibbs the son repaid all or any part of the money to the trustees. He left £5000 to his daughter Joanna, £1000 to his sister Sibella Gibbs and £500 to his niece Harriett Gibbs. He left his property in Orchard Street Bristol to his son George Gibbs, and made his son and daughter George and Joanna his co-residuary legatees.


  1. PROB 11/1609/192.

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George; Joanna

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£613 7s 9d
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1804 [EA] - → Trustee

Co-trustee of Aylmers under the will of Edmund Jordan with his partners James Richards and George Gibbs, and with Samuel Queneborough.

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Redland, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England