Andrew Berkeley Drummond

1755 - 1833


London banker and a key figure in the evolution of Drummonds private bank (a predecessor firm of RBS). He was party with Sir William Templer Pole and others of a deed of 1807 concerning estates on St Kitts which LBS has not yet accessed, but to which he was probably party as the co-trustee and co-executor with Scrope Berdmore (q.v.) of the will of John Compton, the father of Henry Combe Compton, the co-owner of the estates with Sir William Templer Pole.


Archives at Yale, Deed between William Temple [sic] Pole, Scrope Berdmore, Andrew Berkeley Drummond, George Templer, Owen Putland Meyrick, and William Lowndes Stone, for several plantations and lands in several parishes, 1807 June 23, [accessed 06/05/2020];; RBS found no connection of Drummonds to slavery in its 2006 (revised 2009) work undertaken for the authorities in Chicago and elsewhere in the US, RBS/Citizens Financial Group, Inc. Historical Research Report: Predecessor Institutions Research Regarding Slavery and the Slave Trade (first published May 25, 2006; updated May 29, 2009).

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