John Compton

???? - 1803


Co-heir after the death of his brother Henry Compton jun. (q.v.) of John Mills of Woodford (q.v.), having also inherited English landed property from their father Henry Compton senior.

  1. Will of John Compton of Minstead [given as Minsteed in the will] Hampshire [made in 1801] proved 13/05/1803. He left £1000 and an annuity of £200 p.a. to his wife, and use of the house at Minstead for her life. He left £1000 to Scrope Berdmore, warden of Merton College Oxford, and £100 to Andrew Berkeley Drummond: the two men were his executors alongside his wife. He left £5000 among his younger children with the proviso that if his estate (other than what he received under the will of his grandfather John Mills) yielded more than £2000 p.a. or had a value of more than £50,000 they should receive £5000 each. His residuary heir was his son Henry Combe Compton (q.v.).


Monthly Register Vol. III No. XIII (May 1 1803) p. 53.

  1. PROB 11/1392/137

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1787 [SY] - 1803 [EY] → Not known

Either co-tenant-for-life or joint owner

1787 [SY] - 1803 [EY] → Not known

Either co-tenant-for-life or joint owner

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Father → Son
Testator → Executor
Testator → Executor
Grandson → Grandfather

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The Manor, Minstead, Hampshire, Wessex, England