Thomas Fane 8th Earl of Westmorland

1700 - 1771


MP and then 8th Earl of Westmorland, marrying Elizabeth Swymmer (of a Bristol slave-trading family) in 1727. Son of Henry Fane, merchant of Bristol, and brother of Francis Fane MP (d. 1757, q.v.), from whom he appears to have inherited a mortgage over an estate of Edmund Akers on Nevis. His will made and proved in 1771 makes no mention of the Nevis mortgage but did include a mortgage with Henry Swymmer of £2500 to Anthony Langley Swymmer over 'lands, plantations and other things in the island of Jamaica' and in the county of Flint. He had a wider portfolio of loans including £35,000 to the Duke of Ancaster, and £1000 to the Bristol Wire Company.

Sources; Francis Fane had lent £7000 to Edmund Akers secured on property on Nevis, and the deed dated 1763 refers to the debt as owed to 'Honourable Francis Fane, now Earl of Westmorland', Common Records 1763-1764, British Library, EAP794/1/1/8, p. 192 (Vere Langford Oliver had picked up this latter reference, Caribbeana Vol. IV p. 99); will of the Rt Hon. Thomas Earl of Westmorland proved 10/12/1771 PROB 11/973/143.

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Lyme Regis Dorset
1753 - 1762

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The will of Thomas Fane 8th Earl of Wesmtorland made and proved in 1771 shows a mortgage from Fane and Henry Swymmer of £2500 to Anthony Langley Swymmer on Jamaica and Flintshire property....