George Molineux Montgomerie

???? - 1804


Son of Crisp Molineux (q.v.). The family's slave-property appears to have been transmitted from his father to the latter's grandsons under entail, missing out George Molineux Montgomerie himself.

  1. Will of George Molineux Montgomerie of Garboldisham proved 05/05/1804. In the will he commented that his third son Thomas Crisp Montgomerie was well provided for under his grandfather's will, and later in the text that after the death of his second son William, his [George's] father's estates had passed to his [George's] third son Thomas Crisp Montgomerie. [It is not clear to LBS whether the estates passed first to George's first son, Crisp, as the grandfather's will appears to have provided, and if so why they then passed to Thomas].


  1. PROB 11/1409/42.

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Garboldisham Hall, Garboldisham, Norfolk, East Anglia, England