Richard James Cade Hitchins

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Given in the compensation records as Richard J. C. Hitchins.

  1. Major in the Kingston Militia in 1839; owner (or attorney?) of Mount Patience in St Andrew in 1840; Magistrate in Kingston in 1865; trustee of Kingston Savings Bank in 1870.

  2. Maria Amelia Hitchins married John Elin, son of John Bloxam Elin (q.v.) in Marylebone, London, in 1845, both father's occupations given as merchant.

  3. Richard James Cade Hitchins of Kingston, Esquire, merchant, gave evidence to the House of Assembly in 1848 as chairman of the board of directors of the Planters' Bank; he was Public Officer of the same bank in 1852.

  4. Ann Lang Hitchins, widow of the late Richard James Cade Hitchiins, a merchant, died 23/08/1883 in Kingston.


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Richard J.C. Hitchins
Ann Lang
Maria Amelia

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£245 3s 1d
£39 1s 8d

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