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Co-claimant 'in right of wife' with mother-in-law Millicent Lane (q.v.) and brother-in-law James Lane (q.v.) as heirs of James Seton Lane (who died c. 1829) of Coolshade in Jamaica. Possibly the same William Williamson of St Thomas-in-the-Vale, the owner of Airy Castle of St Thomas-in-the-East who was described by creditors as a former London merchant who fled to Jamaica.

  1. Marriage of William Williamson of St Giles with Millicent Lane, a minor, at St George Bloomsbury, 17/1/1827, witnessed by James Seton Lane, father of Millicent. Williamson was also an executor of James Seton Lane's will.


T71/855 St Thomas-in-the-Vale No. 163; T71/867 and T71/1200 St Thomas-in-the-East No. 280 William Williamson of the parish of St Thomas-in-the-Vale, owner in fee. Counterclaim from Blunt Roy and Blunt [of No. 10 Liverpool St] alleging act of bankruptcy committed by claimant 'and pray to stop the payt to him'. William Williamson had been a merchant in Philpot Lane, had become indebted for £900 to Blunt Roy & Blunt, and then fled to Jamaica. [T71/1200 counterclaim]

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