James Lane

21st Oct 1811 - ????

Claimant or beneficiary


Co-heir and son of James Seton (also given as Seaton) Lane, with Millicent Lane (q.v.) and William Williamson (q.v.) in right of wife, of the Coolshade estate in Jamaica.

  1. Will of James Seton Lane of St Thomas-in-the-Vale, Island of Jamaica, proved 14/5/1829. James Seton Lane's first wife Christian had died 29/9/1808 aged 23. He married Millicent Guy (b. 1788), daughter of J.H. Guy (and sister of Sarah Bariffe, q.v.), at Hayfield 30/9/1809. Millicent Lane was born at Coolshade 3/7/1810 and James Lane at Coolshade 21/10/1811.

  2. The Millicent Lane of the award is almost certainly the mother: Millicent Lane the daughter married William Williamson of St Giles at St George Bloomsbury 17/1/1827 (when James Seton Lane gave his authority to the marriage of his daughter, who was a minor, and was a witness).  

  3. James Lane, son of James Seton Lane of Jamaica, was apprenticed as clerk to Joseph Blunt of Liverpool Street, attorney and solicitor, for the term of 5 years in 1828. James Lane, son of James Seton Lane, married Caroline deans in St Pancras 18/09/1857. James Lane barrister born Jamaica aged 48 was living at 4 Westbourne Terrace in 1861 with his wife Caroline.


T71/855 St Thomas-in-the-Vale No. 163.

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Caroline Deans

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£2,353 7s 6d

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