Sir John Peniston Milbanke 7th Bart.

20th Aug 1775 - 1850

Claimant or beneficiary


Sir John Peniston Milbanke, 7th bart. (given as Sir John Penister Millbank in the compensation records). Son of John Milbanke and nephew and heir of Sir Ralph Noel (né Milbanke) 6th bart.

  1. Married (1) Eleanor Hering (d. 30/07/1819), youngest daughter of Julines Hering at Bath 29/09/1799; she died 30/07/1819 leaving a son and five daughters (2) Elizabeth Grey (née Fenwick) 02/01/1821. Inherited baronetcy from his uncle, the abolitionist supporter of Wilberforce and MP for County Durham, Sir Ralph Noel [né Milbanke] in 1825. Sir John Peniston Milbanke's aunt, Elizabeth, had married Peniston Lamb, 1st Viscount Melbourne (1745-1828).  

  2. The 10th bart., also Sir John Peniston Milbanke, was a Lieutenant-Colonel and recipient of the Victoria Cross who died at Gallipoli 21/08/1915.

  3. Sir John's sister-in-law Mary Helen Hering married Henry Middleton (1770-1846), one of the signers of the American Declaration of Independence.


T71/871 Westmoreland No. 223 [Sir John Peniston Milbanke counter-claimed on behalf of himself and his son John Ralph Milbanke for a legacy from the claimant's [Oliver Hering's] father of £2000 secured on the estate].

  1. William Courthorpe, Debrett's Baronetage (7th ed., London, J. G. & F. Rivington, 1838) pp. 113-114, 'Milbanke of Halnaby' [which gives date of first marriage as 01/09/1799]; William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? A biographical dictionary of British wealth-holders Volume Two 1840-1859 (MS) reference 1853/25 3rd Viscount Melbourne, brother of Lord Melbourne the Prime Minister; John Alexander Inglis, The family of Inglis of Auchindinny and Redhall (1914) p. 76.

  2. National Probate Calendar 1916.

  3. See the Hering Family Papers, 1674-1960, [accessed 12/03/2013].

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Further Information

Name in compensation records
Sir John Penister Millbank
(1) Eleanor Hering (1799) (2) Elizabeth Grey (nee Fenwick) 2/1/1821
John Ralph (1800-), Eleanor (1802-), Elizabeth (1803-), Anna Maria (1805-), Emily (1806-), Louisa (1807-), Henrietta (1809-)

Associated Claims (1)

£1,079 13s 4d

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Physical (1)

Country house
Halnaby Hall [Built] 
description →
Image (taken 1 April 1933) from Country Life accessed...
notes →
The house was built in 1661 with the wings added in the C18th; demolished in 1952. The family occupied the house from its building to its...

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Halnaby Hall, Halnaby, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England