George Horsford

1767 - 1840

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation for the enslaved people on Sawcotts in Antigua,

  1. Almost certainly Lt-Gen George Horsford, son of John Horsford senior of Antigua and brother of the Hon. Paul Horsford and John Horsford (each of whom q.v.), who died in Paris, 28 April 1840. According to the Charterhouse Register he was born on the 30 November 1766. Military officer (67th Ft. 1787; 58th Ft. 1794; 59th Ft. 1799; 4th W. India Regt. 1801; 18th Ft. 1809); Lt.-Gov. of the Bermudas 1815-40. In 1803 married Mary Anne, daughter of Edward Brocksopp, slop-seller, of Wapping. Died in Paris 28 ApI. 1840.

  2. Geo. Horsford wrote from Boulogne in September 1836 to ask whether 4th October would be the day for Antiguan counterclaims: 'I do not wish to go to England until near the time when I may be wanted, as my Sons Regt. is just arrived from Halifax and as soon as he can get leave he will join us at Boulogne. I should therefore be sorry to be out of the way when he visits us.' If the identification of George Horsford is correct, the son referred to is likely to be Sir Alfred Hastings Horsford (b. 1818), later a Major-General and Depuy Adjutant-General.

  3. Will of George Horsford Lt-General in His Majesty's Military Service proved 26/06/1840. In the will he refers to his marriage settlement as including a mortgage over a certain estate on Antigua and in a codicil he referred to a mortgage he held over the estate of his late brother on Antigua.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 285 (Sawcott's).

  1. Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. 2, Pedigree of Horsford; R. L. Arrowsmith (comp.), Charterhouse Register 1769 -1872 (London & Chichester, Phillimore, 1974). Thanks to Catherine Smith, Charterhouse Archivist, for this reference.

  2. T71/1609 letter dated 22/9/1836 from Geo. Horsford, Boulogne.

  3. PROB 11/1929/194.

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Name in compensation records
Geo. Horsford
Mary Anne Brocksopp
Charterhouse [1776-1783 ]

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£943 11s 9d

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Boulogne, France