Jamaica Portland 229A-D (Whitehall)

21st Dec 1835 | 152 Enslaved | £2889 8s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 52.

The award was split: 229A - £865 1s 10d went to William Gaven; 229B - £865 1s 10d went to Griffith; 229C - £865 1s 10d went to Pownall & Linwood; 29D - £294 3s 1d went to Linwood & Bridgman.

T71/915 p. 81: shows W.G. Griffith (and his wife) and Edward C. Wright (in right of his wife) as absentees and owners. William Gavin [sic] is an absentee and the executor of Frs. Marlton.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): Whitehall estate registered to the heirs of David White.

T71/997: statement of title - David White, of Bristol, has a will dated 18/10/1797; the legatee Sarah White married William Griffith [sic: this must be Gaven]; the legatee Mary married Rev. E. Collins Wright, who assigned claim under the will to William Linwood.

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Gaven, Wm known to me [illeg.]; Markland, Whalley of Wm. Linwood and WM

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