David White

???? - 1797


Slave-owner in Jamaica, late of Portland Jamaica and but of Bristol when he made his will in 1797, under which he left monetary legacies of £20,000 to his five daughters and £4,000 to two sons (James Clayton White and George White), with his Jamaica property and residuary estate passing to two other sons, John Gould White and William White. Deeds shown in the catalogue of Somerset Heritage Centre describe him as formerly of Trention [New Jersey].


PROB 11/ 1299/166; T71/997: statement of title - David White, of Bristol, has a will dated 18/10/1797; the legatee Sarah White married William Griffith; the legatee Mary married Rev. E. Collinswright, who assigned claim under the will to William Linwood; Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust) DD\HLM Helyar Family of East Coker, Box 12 Deeds, DD\HLM 12, http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/d259c148-0616-40f8-8787-196101ddf78a [accessed 19/04/2018].

Further Information

Elizabeth Gould
James Clayton, George, John Gould, William, Frances, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Catherina Longville

PROB 11/1299/166 - precis.

David White late of the parish of Portland in Surrey, Jamaica, but now of the City of Bristol Esquire.

To my son James Clayton White of Jamaica £2,000 sterling.

To my son George White £2,000 sterling.

To Hon. Simon Taylor of Jamaica Esquire, Robert Claxton of Bristol Esquire and my sons James Clayton White and John Gould White upon trust to lay out either upon mortgage or mortgages of any plantations or estates in Jamaica or of freehold lands in Great Britain or upon Government securities for Parliamentary stocks or funds or other securities as they see fit, to pay the profits for the maintenance of my daughter Frances White until age 21 or marriage (if she marry with the consent of the trustees), then to pay the said £4,000 to Frances.

To the same trustees, with the same provisions, £4,000 for the benefit of my daughter Mary White. The same for my daughter Elizabeth White. The same for my daughter Sarah White. The same for my daughter Catherina Longville White. Should any daughter not survive to age 21 or marriage, then her portion to be divided amongst the daughters equally.

To my sons John Gould White and William White, all my freehold and leasehold plantations and estates in Jamaica and in Great Britain and elsewhere.

The rest and remainder to John Gould White and William White.

Simon Taylor, Robert Claxton and my sons James Clayton White and John Gould White to be joint executors. My son William White upon reaching the age of 18 years to be an executor too. The same to be guardians of my children.

Signed 18/10/1797.

Proved in London 14/12/1797 by Robert Claxton and James Clayton White.

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£2,889 8s 7d
Previous owner (not making a claim)

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Memorial in Bristol Cathedral [Built] 
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BRISTOL CATHEDRAL. East Wall of East Cloister. [A female standing over an urn, resembling the Alleyne monument] David WHITE is buried with wife Elizabeth. "Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth...

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