Mary Elvira Lane (née Brandford)

1768 - 1833

Claimant or beneficiary


Widow of John Lane of Barbados and York Place Clifton, and grandmother of Charles Brandford Lane (q.v.). George Gibbs, her executor, counterclaimed in that capacity (among others for the family) for £200 currency against the compensation for Clermont estate on Barbados, but then assigned his claims to two Liverpool merchants.

  1. Mary Elvira Brandford, daughter of Edmund and Mary Elvi Brandford, baptised in St Joseph, Barbados, 11/12/1768. She married John Lane in St Michael 31/05/1787. John Brandford Lane, son of John and Mary Elvira Lane, baptised 01/01/1790 in St Michael, Barbados. William Gibbes Lane, same parents, baptised at St Marylebone 16/04/1791. Agnes Lane, same parents, baptised in St Michael 01/10/1796.

  2. Mary Elvira Lane of Sloane Street was buried at St Luke's Chelsea, 04/03/1833 aged 64. Will of Mary Elvira Lane of Clifton widow of Chelsea Middlesex proved 12/04/1833. In her will she identified John Brandford Lane as her deceased son, and after monetary legacies left her residuary estate between her grandchildren John and Jane Lane, failing whom to her grandson Charles Brandford Lane. Mary Elvira Lane late of Sloane Street Chelsea and formerly of the Island of Barbados died on or about 14/02/1833.

  3. The will of her daughter Agnes Lane of Barbados but now resident in England [at Sloane Street], written in 1830 after the death of her brother and proved in 1832 named her mother Mrs Mary Elivira Lane as beneficiary and executrix (in default to her niece and nephew Jane Lane and John Lane).


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Further Information

Maiden Name
John Lane
John Brandford, William Gibbes, Agnes

Associated Claims (1)

£2,615 15s 10d
Deceased claimant unsuccessful (Legatee)

Relationships (3)

Widow → Deceased Husband
Mother → Son
Grandmother → Grandson

Addresses (1)

Sackville Street, London, Middlesex, London, England