John Lane of Barbados and York Place Clifton

???? - 1802


Slave-owner of Barbados, of Clifton when he made his will in 1801 [proved in 1802].

  1. Will of John Lane [late of Barbados but now] of York Place Clifton [made in 1801] proved 13/08/1802. He rehearsed his marriage settlement under which he had secured an annuity of £200 currency p.a. to his wife on his Black Rock plantation [and enslaved people], and added a further £200 currency p.a. again secured on Black Rock: he also gave her her 'living' on the estate and 'a mulatto woman named Christian, her daughter Fanny and a woman named Fanny. He left £3000 currency to each of his daughters Elizabeth and Agnes at marriage or at 21, with income at 4% for their support until then, again secured on Black Rock. He left a further annuity of £10 currency p.a. to Elizabeth Burke [not further identified] and freed his 'servant man' George, to whom he also left 5 guineas and an additional £5 p.a. if he chose to return to Barbados. He left Black Rock in St Michael to his son John Brandford Lane, whom he wanted to be brought up in the legal profession. He was, he said, to inherit Claremont under the will of his sister Elizabeth Alleyne (who reserved the power to will £3000 currency from the estate), which he also left to John Brandford Lane subject to payments of £2000 currency each to his [the testator's] daughters 4 years after the death of his sister Elizabeth. In a codicil he said that he had been lessee of the Spring estate from his sister Elizabeth Alleyne, who had asked an 'extravagant' amount for sell the estate to him, and therefore he wanted the estate returned to her on payment by her of £2000 for the improvements he had made.


  1. PROB 11/1379/117

Further Information

Mary Elvira Brandford
John Brandford; Elizabeth; Agnes

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- 1802 [EY] → Owner

The 'Black Rock' estate in St Michael was left in the will of John Lane of Barbados and York Place Clifton to his son John Brandford Lane, subject to significant annuities secured on it in the will. This estate has not been separately identified in the Slave Registers.

1802 [EA] - 1802 [LA] → Heir

Given as Claremont in the will of John Lane of Barbados and York Place Clifton.

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York Place, Clifton, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England