John Hamilton of Northpark

1754 - 1829


Glasgow merchant, originally a West India merchant (John Hamilton & Co., and Hamilton, Garden & Co.), then a wine merchant.

  1. "JOHN HAMILTON of Northpark, born 1754, died 1829, was a merchant in Glasgow, and was thrice Lord Provost. He married Helen, daughter of Archibald Bogle, a younger son of Robert Bogle of Shettleston. He was a most valuable citizen of Glasgow, and merited, and obtained the respect and affection of its inhabitants. When the new entrance to the city from the east was formed, it was called after him "Great Hamilton" Street. He had issue: (I.) John, who died in Jamaica; (II.) Archibald, of whom presently; (III.) George William, merchant in Jamaica, died in 1858; (IV.) Robert, merchant in Jamaica, died in London in 1840; (V.) William of Northpark, Lord Provost in 1826, a captain in the Glasgow Sharpshooters, and in all respects a thoroughly good man, and citizen. He married in 1826 Mary Orton Lucas. He died in 1866 and she followed in 1875. They had issue. 1) John William, born 1827, married Constance Dennistoun, daughter of John Dennistoun, formerly M.P. for Glasgow, and had issue two daughters. He died in 1866; 2) Mary Anne, married to John Patrick Alston of Muirburn (see Craighead) and has issue; 3) Helen Cathcart, married George Smith, who died in China in 1859; 4) Eliza Lucas, married in 1868 her cousin, George William Hamilton (see below); 5) Janet Colina, married her cousin Archibald Hamilton, son of John George Hamilton; 6) Mary Louisa, married John Hayes, R.N., son of Admiral Hayes; (VI.) Cathcart, died young; (VII.) Hugh, died young; (VIII.) Andrew, died young; (I.) Janet, died young; (II.) Janet Miller, married Colin Campbell of John Campbell, Sen. & Co., and afterwards of Colgrain, and had issue, ten sons and five daughters; (III.) Mary, married 1829 the Rev. D. Welsh, D.D., and had issue; (IV) Helen, married her cousin John George Hamilton (see above)."

  2. John's wife Helen nee Bogle inherited a 1/4 share in Dunkley's estate in Vere, Jamaica, on the death of her brother George Bogle in 1813. On Helen's death in 1825, the income from the trust was transferred to John Hamilton for his sole use.

  3. Anthony Cooke shows John Hamilton leaving an estate of £26,067, including public utilities £2,400, Forth & Clyde Canal £3,150, and balance due by Hamilton, Staines & Co. wine merchants in Glasgow £10,044.


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  2. Will of George Bogle of Effingham Surrey, PROB 11/1550/327.

  3. Anthony Cooke, 'An elite revisited: Glasgow West India merchants, 1783-1877', Journal of Scottish Historical Studies 32.2 2012 pp. 127-165, at p. 160; SC 36/48/21/670 06/11/1829.

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George Bogle (1762-1813) left 1/4 of his residuary estate (including Dunkley's in Vere) in trust to his sister Helen Hamilton, and upon her death for her husband John Hamilton.

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