Francis Price

1675 - 1697


Francis Price was the oldest son of Lieutenant Francis Price and his wife Elizabeth Coxon. Francis only owned Worthy Park for five years before he died from a sudden illness in September 1697. He had previously married Dorothy Pennistone, the daughter of a neighbour. The couple had no children. Looking to secure his wife's future he sold 500 acres at Lluidas along with 33 enslaved Africans to John Goffe for £1000. Goffe then sold the land and the enslaved people back to Dorothy. Dorothy and her new husband Samuel Bromley owned the central 500 acres of Worthy Park for five years before they sold it back to Charles Price, Francis's brother in 1701.


Michael Craton and James Walvin, A Jamaican Plantation: The History of Worthy Park 1670-1970 (London: W. H. Allen, 1970), pp.47-8.

Further Information

Dorothy Pennistone

In his will dated 9 September 1697 he left all his possession to his wife Dorothy having sold his patrimony on his deathbed to John Goffe.

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