John Price of Penzance, the elder

1712 - 1740


John Price (c.1712-1740) was the son of Colonel Charles Price (1678-1730) and his wife Sarah Edwards. He was one of thirteen children. He married Margaret (or Margery) Badock and the couple had one son, also John (1738-1797). He inherited a half share in Worthy Park plantation on the death of his father. John Price senior shared the property with his brother Thomas Rose Price. He died in 1740 when his son was just two, and the infant inherited his portion.

Thomas Rose and John Price (in fact their heirs) were listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 225 acres of land in St Catherine, 500 acres in St Ann and 2869 acres in St John, total 3594 acres.

The will of John Price of Penzance was written in 1738 and proved in 1740.


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PROB 11/706/276.

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Margaret Badcock
John Price of Penzance

PROB 11/706/276 - precis.

John Price of Penzance, Cornwall, Gentleman.

To my brother Charles Price of Spanish Town, Jamaica, Esquire, Henry Badcock (my father-in-law) and William Badcock (my brother-in-law) both of Penzance, gentlemen, my messuages or dwelling houses in Spanish Town near the Parade, now or late in the possession of Charity Edmonds and Sarah Price, spinsters, and all my parts in plantations in Jamaica called Lewhydew[?] and Hanna-bolns[?] which were formerly the lands of Charles Price Esquire my late deceased father, and all land and property I own in trust forever for the uses hereinafter declared.

Immediately after my decease, all messuages, lands, tenements and premises to be liable to the payment of an annuity of £200 sterling per annum to my dear wife Margery Price for her natural life. Thereafter all to the use and behoof of John Price the younger, my first and only son for the term of his natural life, and from his death to the use of the lawful heirs of his body. In default to the use of my second son of the body of my wife Margarey and his heirs, and so on, for the term of 300 years.

£2000 sterling to any of my younger children with my wife Margery if there is only one; if more than one then £3000 to be equally divided amongst them at age 21 or marriage. My trustees to provide for each of their education and maintenance until age 21 or marriage to their degree and quality not amounting to less than £30 for each child.

My trustees to pay to my heir a just account of the surplus of what shall be raised from my premises.

All rest and residue to my wife Margery; she to be sole excutrix.

Signed 22/09/1738.

Proved at London 09/12/1740 by Margery Price, widow.

Immediately after my death, my trustees

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1730 [SY] - 1740 [EY] → Joint owner

John was joint owner with his brother Thomas Rose.

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