Thomas Hibbert of Agualta Vale

1761 - 1807


Father of Thomas Hibbert jun. (q.v.), son of John Hibbert of Jamaica and nephew of Thomas Hibbert senior. There is a monument by Richard Westmacott to Saccharissa, daughter of Thomas and Dorothy Hibbert, in Exeter Cathedral.

  1. Will of Thomas Hibbert [formerly of Agualta Vale but late of Upper Wimpole Street] St Marylebone proved 18/11/1807. As well as several smaller monetary legacies, he left £10,000 to each of his [then four] children [plus a further £10,000 each to his sons on attaining 25, although the will made the first £10,000 also heritable at 25] and £40,000 to purchase 'a freehold mansion an estate' in Hampshire, Sussex, Berks[hire], Dorsetshire or the southern parts of Wiltshire, together with annuities of £780 p.a. secured on his Jamaica property (including £300 p.a. to his wife Dorothy, in addition to the £700 p.a. under their marriage settlement). The level of bequests implies he would have left personalty in excess of £100,000 in total.


  1. PROB 11/1470/175.

Further Information

Dorothy Mansfield
Saccharissa; Thomas jun.; Julian; [John Hubert] Washington

From Caribbeana vol. 4 p. 197.

Thomas Hibbert of Agualta Vale in Jamaica but now residing in Great Britain. Will dated 9 Oct. 1805. To my sisters Cecilia and Margaret H. each an annuity of £100. My brother John H. an annuity of £200. To Jeannot Smith, (dau. of Harrietta Cook Smith, an annuity of £50. To William Oakum, son of H. C. Smith, an annuity of £30. To Mr. Sam Rushton Mansfield, father of my wife, £100. To the Rev. John Mansfield of Rowner £100. To Capt. Sam Mansfield of the retired Invalids £100. To each of the 4 elder daus. of George Hibbert, Esq., of Clapham, £50. To each of the 2 elder daus. of William Hibbert, Esq., of Clapham, £50. To Mrs. Sam. Hibbert of Clapham and her son and dau. £50 each. To Mrs. Cath. Huler (?),of Brighton £50. To Mrs. Charlotte Nembhard of Beaumont Str. £50. To Ambrose Humphries, Esq., of Harpur Str., and Eliz. his wife £50 each. To my able manager in Jamaica Mr. Sam. Oliver, £100. To my overseers £50 a year each more when the natural annual increase of negroes exceed the decrease. To Harrietta Cook Smith,* a free mulatto of Kingston, £100. To my wife, Dorothy H. an annuity of £300 and £1000, the furniture of my house in Upper Wimpole Str., and use of plate until my eldest son be 22, and confirm the marriage settlement of £700 per annum on her. To such of my sons who shall first attain 25 all my plate, jewells, books, pictures, etc. To each of my sons arriving at 25 and each dau. at 21 £10,000. To such of my sons who shall secondly attain 25 [sic] the further sum of £10,000. All my real estates and stock in Jamaica and elsewhere to the use of my brother John H., my brother-in-law John Mansfield, and friend Sir Simon Clarke, Baronet, and John Smith of Russel sq., banker, on Trust for my son Thomas for life and his sons successively in tail male, then for my 2d son Julian, 3rd son Washington, 4th, and every afterborn son, and in default for my dau. Saccharissa and her sons, then my brother John H. All my personal estate to my trustees to pay debts and legacies, and to purchase a freehold mansion and estate for £40,000, and invest the residue in lands to descend with my real estate. Trustees to be Ex'ors and Guardians, and to institute a suit in the Court of Chancery for carrying out the trusts. To John Smith and Sir Simon Clarke 50 guineas each for a ring.

1st Codicil, 27 Jan. 1806. Of 24 Upper Wimpole Str. 2 Codicil, 28 May 1806. To each of the 3 elder sons of Dr. David Grant of Kingston £50. 3rd Codicil, 5 Sept. 1806. To each of the 3 younger daughters of William Hibbert £50. 5th Codicil, 3 Aug. 1807. To Dorothy, my wife, a further annuity of £200, the drawing and dining furniture. To my brother John H. 100 guineas. To my sisters Cecilia and Margaret H. £100. To my aunt Mrs. Sarah Cousins, George Baillie, Esq., and to the daus. of my brother John H. £50 each. To the Society for the Relief of Small Debtors £100. To the Rev. John Mansfield my saddle-horse. To Sir Simon Clarke, Baronet, and John Smith Esq., 100 guineas in lieu of 50. To Thomas Hibbert of Chalfont, Esq. a ring of 20 guineas. 6th Codicil, 19 Aug. 1807. To my friend Robert Markland, Esq., of Kingston £50. To Sarah Winter, a free quadroon of Kingston, £50. 7th Codicil, 21 Oct. 1807. I appoint my cousin Robert Hibbert an Ex'or and 100 guineas. My friend Ambrose Humphreys to be receiver and agent in the suit. To my cousins George and William a ring of 20 guineas.

On 14 Nov. 1807 appeared Ambrose Humphreys of Harpur Str., Red Lion Sq., gentleman, and swore to handwriting of testator who died 30 Oct. last. Sam. Mansfield of Craven Str., Strand, Esq., and Thomas Williams of Vere Str., Oxford Str., surgeon, also made oath. Proved 18 Nov. 1807 by Robert Hibbert, Esq., the brother, Rev. John Mansfield, clerk, John Smith, Esq., and Robert Hibbert, Esq., power reserved to Sir Simon Clarke, Baronet. (P.C.C., 892, Lushington.)

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Rev. John Mansfield was also a trustee of Thomas Hibbert, who had married Mansfield's sister...
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Upper Wimpole Street, London, Middlesex, London, England