Robert Shedden of Palace Chambers

1819 - 1849


Son of William Shedden (q.v.) and Wilhelmina Shedden, left £120,000 at his death, when based on his legacies he appears to have been alienated from his wife and from most of his father's family.

  1. Will of Robert Shedden Mate in Her Majesty's Navy of [Palace Chambers] Westminster [made in 1845] proved 02/08/1850. In the will he left an annuity of £54 12s to his wife Sarah; but £10,000 and his 2/10ths share in Stewart Castle to his mother Wilhelmina. His residuary heir was Margaretta Jane Robertson, the widow of his uncle James Robertson. One of his executors was his cousin William George Shedden (q.v.)

  2. 'He set out on his yacht to find the survivors of Franklin's polar expedition, but contracted tuberculosis and died off Mexico, aged forty. His uncle was George Shedden (c. 1769- 1855= 1855/4), who left £140,000. Another uncle was (Brig. Gen.) Sir Thomas Brisbane, 1st Bt. (1773- 1860), Governor of New South Wales, 1821-5 (ODNB), for whom Brisbane, Queensland is named.'


  1. PROB 11/2118/318

  2. W.D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? Vol. 2 (MS) 1850/1.

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1845 [EA] - 1845 [LA] → Joint owner

Robert Shedden of Palace Chambers left his 2/10ths share in Stewart Castle to his mother in his will [made in 1845] proved in 1850. He was probably too young to have been the Robert Shedden who was one of the recipients of slave compensation for the estate in the 1830s, whom LBS has concluded was his uncle Robert Shedden jun.

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Palace Chambers, Westminster, London, Middlesex, London, England
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Of Palace Chambers when he made his will in 1845