Thomas Ashburner

???? - 1801


Merchant and slave-owner. Thomas Ashburner 'of Barbados' died in 1801. He was almost certainly the same man as Thomas Ashburner 'of Demerara': under the will of Thomas Ashburner of Barbados proved in 1801, one of his legatees was his nephew John Noble, and the property of Thomas Ashburner of Demerara was subject of a Chancery suit Noble v Bland.

  1. Will of Thomas Ashburner of Barbados proved 02/04/1802. He left: his wife Sarah Ashburner £25,000 currency; 'my relation' the Rev. William Penny son of William Penny of Bridgefield near Ulverston Lancashire £5000 currency; £5000 currency to his friend William Barton of Barbados for his many acts of kindness; £1000 to his mother Margaret Ashburner of Alverstone [sic] and £500 currency to each of his mother by marriage Frances G. Foote [sic] and his sister by marriage Margaret Ann Simpson; his niece Ann Turner £500 sterling and two houses in Bark Lane in Lancaster; £1000 currency to his nephew John Noble and £1000 currency to his friend James Robertson of Demerara; and £1000 currency to Elizabeth Smith daughter of William Smith resident commissary of this island [Barbados] at 21.


London Gazette 16280 29/07/1809 p. 1203 carried an advertisement for the creditors of Thomas Ashburner of Demerara merchant in the cause of Noble v Ashburner; London Gazette 16685 26/12/1812 p. 2604 carried an advertisement for the auction sale of the cotton estate Content and half of Lot no. 7 on the East Coast of Demerara in behalf of Alexander Fullerton and John Oliverson, attorneys for the executors and executrix of Thomas Ashburner, plaintiffs in execution; London Gazette 16826 18/12/1813 p. 2577 carried an advertisement for creditors of Thomas Ashburner formerly of Barbados (who died on or about 18/05/1801) pursuant to a decree in the Chancery case of John Noble v Loftus Otway Bland). Lotus Otway Bland had married the widow of J. [sic] Ashburner; John Noble and his co-plaintiff were the nephew and niece of Thomas Ashburner.

  1. PROB 11/1372/154.

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London Gazette showed that the Content estate was advertised in 1812 to be put up for auction in 1813, together with half of Lot No. 7, in behalf of Alexander Fullerton and John Oliverson as the attorneys of the executors and executrix of Thomas Ashburner plaintiffs in execution, suggesting that the buyer from Thomas Ashburner had not paid some of the purchase price.

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The executors of Thomas Ashburner was shown in the will of Tempest Coulthurst proved in 1816 as having claims on the estate known as Grove.

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Thomas Ashburner left £5000 to 'William Barton of Barbados', inferred to have been Sir William...